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The BIRTH CAFÉ MOVEMENT is an open participatory project and a solution-oriented protest for a better birth culture. BIRTH CAFÉS connect different generations and different cultures. They are solidarity in action, for parents by parents and everyone’s welcome!


A good start into life is important. But today midwifery and obstetrics face growing challenges and threats. To raise awareness of this alarming situation, we initiated the international BIRTH CAFÉ MOVEMENT. As well as raising awareness, BIRTH CAFÉS are our way of starting something positive to counter current developments.


In a birth cafe everyone is welcome. At different café-tables mothers and fathers talk about their personal experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, from different generations and cultural backgrounds. In a BIRTH CAFÉ we come together to share our birth stories, free of judgment and open to learn from each other.


We want to bring about change for parents and you can join us. Run your own BIRTH CAFÉ for adults, a Welcome-BIRTH CAFÉ for refugees or a JUNIOR-BIRTH CAFÉ for the next generation. We support you by our free material package for preparations and the event itself. Collecting the experiences, demands and wishes of parents, we make them publicly audible on our website.

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Midwife Lisa von Reiche
Doctor Stefanie Schmid-Altringer


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