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EU-Projekt Birthcultures - Erzählcafé in Barcelona im November 2021

EU-Projekt Birthcultures - Erzählcafé in Barcelona im November 2021

The specific topics – important to the guests – were:

Although similar activities take place in Barcelona, there is still a lack of safe spaces for women to talk and share about childbirth and motherhood. The increasing trend is a clear indicator of this need. Many women thanked us for organizing such an event. We held two Birth Cafes, in each of them there were two rounds of 45 minutes each and most of participants said that the time had passed very quickly. So we think that the meetings in Spain should be at least 90 minutes long.

It is difficult for Interarts to organize periodic Birth Cafes beyond the Birth Cultures project, but we have invited many organizations from the field of birth and maternity and encourage them to continue with this type of dynamics.


It is necessary to have an space to share this type of experience with other women who have already gone through it. Listen to the good experiences because they bring strength and enthusiasm, but also the bad ones to learn from them.

We must support future mothers: fight against obstetric violence but also empower them so that they can choose what they really want in childbirth but also in the postpartum period.